Kai Greene 2017 Olympia Invite

Kai Greene Olympia hype starts again.

The new ritual before every Mr. Olympia since 2015 has arrived.

The hype of Kai Greene coming back to challenge Phil Heath for his title, has been going on since he refused to compete at the Mr. Olympia after 2014.

The new judging feature introduced by the Olympia organizers has sparked a new wave of gossip and theories about Kai Greene stepping back on the Olympia stage.

Basically, the fans can now choose their own winner, the  ‘People’s Champion’

The fans will not have a say in choosing the real winner as that will be in the hands of the judges. If the fans pick a different winner, that winner will be named the ‘People’s Champion’.

With all this going on, this surely shows a lack of respect to the defending champion Phil Heath and as well to the eventual winner.

Phil Heath has been very quiet on his social media about all this, as he believes he will give his answer on the stage.

Bader Boodai has posted a photo with Kai Greene saying: “11 week to the sandow brother @kaigreene”. – Bader Boodai

What does all this mean? Nothing at all.

Kai Greene has been answering to a number of posts with his usual half answers, not confirming if he is coming back or not.

Spreading rumors Kai Greene is coming back is one thing and if he can come back is another.

Everybody is forgetting that Kai Greene has to qualify to step on the Olympia stage. Saying this, there are not to many shows left before the Olympia. The lack of open class bodybuilding events in the IFBB Pro league has made it harder for a athlete to qualify. The majority of events are Men’s Physique, 212 and bikini.

Kai Greene was already invited to the Mr. Olympia in 2017 and he refused.

If he gets another invitation in 2018, the other athletes that had to work their butts off to qualify will surely not be happy.

When you step back and see what is going on, you realize this is a perfect marketing campaign designed by the Olympia Weekend organizers.

This campaign is very easy to explain:

• How do we get fans interested in the show to boost ticket sales? lets give them the chance to vote.

• The ‘People’s Champion’ award will get people talking.

• The hype of Kai Greene competing at the Olympia will start again and more people will talk about the Olympia.

Most probably, Kai Greene will not be competing at the Olympia and all this has done is get more people talking about Kai Greene, which in return gives him and his supplement brand more publicity.  And this is great for Kai!!

Kai Greene’s business partner has also joined the parade. Aaron Singerman has also went to his social media begging for Kai to return to the Olympia stage:

aaronsingerman If you’d like to see @kaigreene come back and compete at this year’s @mrolympiallc – with the new rule changes and the addition of the people having a vote, please let him know! Post your favorite picture of Kai and use the hashtag #comebackkai and tag him @kaigreene . Let him know he has your support and you want to see him back on stage one last time! – Aaron Singerman

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Another factor that can play a big role in Kai Greene not coming back is age. Kai Greene will be 43 on 12 July, 2018. Phil Heath is 38 and this makes a big difference in bodybuilding.

The only bodybuilder that would be in the same category of age as Kai Greene would be Dexter Jackson who is competing at the age of 48.

Dexter has been consistent in his bodybuilding career compared to Kai Greene who has stepped away from the stage in recent years.

We must not forget about Big Ramy and William Bonac, two bodybuilders that can easily defeat Phil Heath if he is not at his best.

Would Kai really put his reputation on the line to possibly win the ‘People’s Champion’ award? Is it worth it? Kai already knows what a following he has. He really does not need this.

There are many factors that will make it hard for Kai Greene to step back on the Olympia stage, and this is why all this talk of Kai coming back is literally more hype to promote the weekend!

The Olympia organizers should focus on the athletes who are in the game and working hard to put on a great show and present themselves at their best. Phil Heath, William Bonac, Big Ramy, Dexter Jackson, shawn Rhoden and the rest of that athletes should be the ones that the Olympia Organizers promote.

What about the 212 class. We are not hearing nothing about Flex Lewis possibly winning his seventh Olympia title. This would be another great achievement.

The Classic Physique class, a number of open class bodybuilders have switched over. This will make this class very exciting at the Olympia.

As much as we love Kai Greene. The focus should not be on him… it should be on the active athletes!