Kai greene bodybuilding com 2While everybody was discussing theories of Kai Greene’s absence at the 2015 Mr. Olympia. It seems that Kai was bust taking care of his own business.

Kai Greene just teamed up with bodybuilding.com to sell his products.

Kai thanked bodybuilding.com repeatedly on his Facebook account via another video message.

This is what Kai posted on his Facebook account:

Best believe we have been working behind the scenes and today’s announcement comes with great honor as Bodybuilding.com and myself have partnered up in launching Dynamik Muscle by the end of the month!!

#‎DynamikMuscle‬ is the manifestation of more than 25 years of passion and obsession to enhance ones physique. I formulated products that I wanted to take myself, and with those intentions created something for everyone. My company, OUR COMPANY, will bring only the best for the increase of everyone!


kai and bodybuilding.com