Arnold Brazil 2016 - IMG_8289Kai Greene was definitely the man to beat in Brazil as he was the man to lift the title again this weekend to make it three Arnold Classic victories in a row.

The line up was missing Australia’s Josh Lenartowicz. Josh was looking in great shape leading up to this competition. managed to contact Josh and he said everything was perfect.. except the Visa’s did not arrive on time. It is a shame as Josh has become a fan favorite and he surely would have done well.


1. Kai Greene
2. Juan Morel
3. Lionel Beyeke
4. Vitaly Fateev
5. Ronny Rockel

It is evident that Kai is the firm favorite to challenge Phil Heath for the Olympia title…. but if he steps on that stage is a different story. We will be talking about this in the coming days!!