Kevin Levrone answers his critics

Kevin Levrone answers critics

Kevin Levrone answers critics

IFBB Legend Kevin Levrone is back in the game getting ready for the 2017 Sheru Classic.

Levrone just recently published a photo on his social media of his upper body showing some fantastic condition.

Considering Kevin Levrone is 18-weeks out from the Sheru Classic, his condition is way ahead of schedule.

After posting the photo, some commented on the size of his chest. Levrone is known to have some of the best genetics in the sport and some of the comments must have bothered him.

The IFBB Legend posted another photo showing his chest from a better angle and sent an strong message to his critics.

In his first post Kevin Levrone posted this message: My body is responding to this heavy training. I’m thicker & fuller. The roundness is coming back. 18 weeks to go SHAABOOM #kevinlevrone #visulize #focused #ifbbpro #

Kevin Levrone answers critics


After certain comments, Levrone posted another photo and left a longer message to his doubters: Posting this pic because there were a few comments about me having a small chest. I’ve never had a small chest and never will. You can’t bench 500lbs with a small chest. Another thing I’d like to clear up is these pics is how I look in the morning no food just out of bed. You can see the fullness & thickness. Please don’t judge what someone’s going to look like on stage by IG pictures, believe me I’ve seen tons of guys post pics on IG taken in the gym looking like King Kong / Mr. Olympia but come game day with their clothing striped off in posing trunks on stage under lights you can pick their weaknesses apart. So size means nothing without balance shape and conditioning. How many times have you seen a light heavy weight send a super heavy weight home it happens on a daily. Until you’ve walked a mile in another mans shoes who are you to judge him If your not a NPC or IFBB judge. Another thing back in the day we didn’t show anything till we walked on stage. I’m doing this for my loyal fans, it’s my way to show my appreciation to you guys. I will not be posting any full body pics on social media I’m saving it for the stage going old school covers up 247…. and one more thing you can’t squat 500 for reps with no legs. Learn something✅ #focused #cardilloweightbelt #levrone #kevinlevrone #exilefitness #ifbbpro #visulize No Symthol, No IGF 1,2,or 3 or Whatever It’s Called, No Insulin. JUST MY OLD SHOOL SUPPLEMENTATION & Balls To The Walls Training.


Kevin Levrone answers critics