Levrone skips 2017 Vancouver Pro Show

Levrone skips 2017 Vancouver Pro Show

Bodybuilding fans will have to wait a bit longer until they are to see IFBB Legend Kevin Levrone make his second appearance on the IFBB Pro stage since his retirement.

Kevin was planning to compete at the 2017 Vancouver Pro Show that is taking place July 8-9, 2017.

Levrone made this announcement official on his official Instagram page on Monday evening.

This is what Kevin had to say:

kevinlevrone: Dream until your dreams come true. I’ve been so very blessed to have a great career. Thanks to all of you who has supported my 14 year layoff / comeback. Next time you see me on stage you won’t be disappointed, my promised to fans and myself. FYI I will not be competing at Vancouver, but it will be this summer just haven’t decided what show yet. Making sure I’m 100% this time. ✌️SHAAABOOM

A number of factors could have contributed to this decision. Kevin has made fantastic improvements since his appearance at the 2016 Olympia, but touring the world promoting his brand will keep you away from focusing on a contest.

Kevin does not have to prove anything to anybody as he has done it all. The amount of victories that Levrone has had in his career are what dreams are made of.

Levrone has no pressure and only he can decide when the time is right to challenge for a top spot.

Levrone skips 2017 Vancouver Pro Show