Kevin Levrone's message

Kevin Levrone’s message

Today, Kevin Levrone has released a special message to his fans confirming that the 2018 Arnold Classic Australia will be his last competition after coming out of retirement.

In his message, Kevin confirms that even though he will not be competing, he will still tour the word promoting a better life through fitness.

Whatever his decision is, we will support him as Kevin is a legend of the sport and should be respected for what he has accomplished. Injury or not, Kevin stepped on the stage. Even with all the criticism made towards him, Kevin kept pushing forward.

He is a true gentleman of the sport!

This is the message in full:

I WILL AWAYS REMEMBER YOU my fans, I want to say thank you guys, so much, for giving me your support for the last 30 years of my career.

A special thank you to the IFBB federation, who is and has been by my side since day one…especially thanks to Jim Manion, Joe Wieder and his vision, Robin Chang, and all my my fans for taking me in.
My come back to the stage has been about inspiring others to be able to Believe in themselves and to take on a never quit mindset that empowers people to stand strong and never give up on their dreams.
Age is just a number, and hopefully you guys have learned that through my comeback and my approach to getting back into the gym and on to the stage can be done if your really want it!

God has blessed me, tremendously, with my gift of genetics, the gift of health, and the necessary drive it takes, to be able to do things that most people would say are impossible to achieve. Not so!
This will be my last year on-stage, competing. I dedicate this show to all of you; to my amazing parents, to my loved ones, to friends and to all my fans throughout the world.

Although this will be my last time competing, I’m far from finished; I will spend my time continuing traveling the world, to meet with my fans, to spread the love, and to share my wisdom with everyone who needs it.

As I lay my head down to go to sleep, tonight, I reflect on the purpose of my life and my career and I realize, that I’m meant to give people hope when hope seems so far out of reach.
My purpose is to be that bridge over troubled waters, helping people to get past painful and challenging barriers that appear to be holding them back. I want to be that conduit that helps people connect to their inner strength and that leads to their best life to come.

I truly love you guys and I thank you for being my family, for being my mighty bridge allowing me to get over troubled waters. #kevinlevrone #levrone #godsplatform #marylandmusclemachine #wordsthatmatter