president-santonja-bader-bodai_lqPresident Santonja is travelling to Kuwait city to attend the 2016 Olympia Amateur Kuwait and join Mr. Bader Boodai, President of the Kuwait Bodybuilding Federation and organizer of the event.

President Santonja will also be accompanied by IFBB Vice President for Africa, Dr. Adel Fahim and Chairman of the IFBB Judges Committee, Mr. Pawel Filleborn.

Athletes from Asian and Middle East countries, in the disciplines of Men´s Physique and Bodybuilding are going to Kuwait to achieve one of the Pro licenses that will be given in the event: for the Top competitors of the Men´s Physique and Bodybuilding overall. The program includes 5 height categories in Men´s Physique discipline and 6 weight categories, in Bodybuilding.

The registration will take place on tomorrow and the competition on Friday. More news, pics and videos soon at here and at the official site!