Lee Priest leaves Black Skull

INDUSTRY NEWS: Lee Priest leaves Black Skull.

The biggest news in the bodybuilding and fitness industry this week is related to the supplement industry.

Lee Priest has officially announced that he has left Black Skull, crushing rumors that he was fired.

Lee Priest has had a career full of controversy and many people would assume that he was fired.

In a recent interview on the Youtube channel Sam’s Fitness, Lee reveals the real reasons why he left the company.

What it all comes down to is money and Lee Priest explained he was tired of the situation of not getting paid on time and fake promises.

This will be a major blow for Black Skull as Lee Priest is still very famous in the bodybuilding industry and fans are still queuing up to meet him.

Lee Priest also confirmed that Flex Wheeler and Branch Warren are also no longer associated with the company.

It is not the first time that Lee has showed his frustration towards Black Skull:
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Lee Priest has also confirmed he has signed with another company called Mental Hamster.

In other news related to Black Skull, it is now official that Josh Lenartowicz has signed with the company after his victory in Spain.

Watch the full interview here:

Lee Priest is now working with Mental Hamster


Josh Lenartowicz signed with Black Skull after his victory in Spain