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It seems that NPC and Nspire have agreed to basically work together. NPC looks to have given in to the pressure of athletes and Nspire to let them cross between different organizations to compete.

The big question is, how will the IFBB Pro league and the IFBB Amateur league react to this?

For example, will an IFBB Pro be able to compete freely with NABBA or with Nspire without any negative repercussions?

This is the joint press release:

The disputes and legal proceedings between Jim Manion, NPC, Lee Thompson and Nspire have been resolved and settled to the satisfaction of all involved parties.  As part of the settlement, Mr. Manion and Mr. Thompson have confirmed that NPC and Nspire (formerly known as NPC Global) are separate business entities with no affiliation between the two.

Mr. Manion, NPC, Mr. Thompson and Nspire have also confirmed that all athletes, sponsors and promoters can compete and/or do business freely with NPC, Nspire, or any other amateur bodybuilding, fitness and physique organization without any negative repercussions or fear of retribution from Mr. Manion, NPC, Mr. Thompson and/or Nspire.  No further statements or comments concerning this matter will be issued or made by Mr. Manion, NPC, Mr. Thompson and/or Nspire.

Shawn Ray on MD Forum:

No, it’s not true that Registered Athletes can “Cross-over” from NPC to NSL and back.
Another Lee Thompson Lie trying to mislead & deceive athletes while they cannot Compete for Free as he stated!
In the NSL they have a Paid Participation Tier that is For Profit.

You register with NSL by Paying for a Membership that is Not Valid or Accepted in the NPC!

He offers a Paid Structure that supposed to include Insurance but if you read the small print you’ll see they try to imply the NPC Athletes are not covered when in fact every NPC Promoter has a Million Dollar Policy the NPC provides them with in their Contest Sanction Fees!

Lee’s slippery innuendos are the stuff Used Car Salesman are made of offering you one thing but finding out you got another thing.
Buyer Beware!


shawn ray message nov 20