Lifetime suspension

Lifetime suspension for Trainer/Coach.

Yesterday evening the L’Association des Physiques Québécois (APQ) has given a lifetime suspension to trainer/coach James Ayotte.

James is part of Team Atlas. The suspension also is going to be enforced by the CBBF (Canadian Bodybuilding Federation) and the IFBB.

According to the APQ, James has shown “a lack of respect towards the executives, judges and others within the sport and during events combined with a array of disparaging attacks through the use of social media to further cause similar disregard for ethics has not gone unnoticed.”

Official press release:

Notice of Suspension: James Ayotte, QC

The APQ has notified the CBBF of having served notice of suspension to Coach/Trainer – James Ayotte (QC) and the CBBF and IFBB have accepted and extended this action.

In an effort to ensure athletes are clear that this action taken does not affect their status in anyway directly with the CBBF & IFBB we have issued the following public statement.

No such action is taken lightly and without due consideration. The CBBF and fitness industry shall do it’s utmost to govern within the rules of ethics and conduct and ensure that no athlete or coach shall simply deem themselves above all rules and the need to conduct his or own self accordingly.

James Ayotte