Lionel Beyeke 2020 Arnold Classic

BREAKING NEWS: Lionel Beyeke pulls out of the 2020 Arnold Classic.

One of the biggest stars of the 2020 Arnold Classic, Lionel Beyeke has had to pull out of the 2020 Arnold Classic.

The reason for this is not known but Lionel mentioned in his Instagram post that “Somebody in high places decided to harm him”.

There was high hopes for Lionel to earn a top placing at the Arnold Classic.

Lionel’s post confirming his absence from the Arnold Classic:

I want to apologize to you, friends and fans. My absence from this competition is really not my will, it is really with a heavy heart that I announce my ABSENCE from the Arnold classic Columbus 2020. Apparently there is someone in high places that decided to harm me intentionally. Some people have the right to move and others do not. I cannot give more details, but I know one thing that only the will of God will accomplish in my life. No one has the right to prevent a man from being able to do their job or their trade. Once again my heart is in pain of not being able to go on stage at the Arnold Classic Columbus 2020. All my efforts and my sacrifices once again have been for nothing, but I thank God in all circumstances and trust him. – Lionel Beyeke.