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Royal London IFBB Pro show drop Men’s Physique and Bikini… add Classic Physique/Women’s Physique

London IFBB Pro show drop Men's Physique/Bikini

London IFBB Pro show drop Men’s Physique/Bikini

Changes have already been made to the IFBB Pro League show organized by Bob Cicherillo’s ‘2 Bros Events Ltd’ that is to take place in London between March 10-11 March, 2018.

This is show is the first of a scheduled three that are to take place in the UK. These shows were immediately organized by the NPC/IFBB Pro League after the suspension of the NPC by the IFBB International last September.

A Men’s Physique Pro and Bikini Show was originally planned in the first show that is to take place, but in a press release yesterday, the Physique category was dropped and replaced with Classic Physique as well the Bikini Pro show was dropped and  the Women’s Physique was added.

Already comments on their official Instagram page are showing the frustration of a number of fans and athletes. This comes as a big blow to the Bikini and Men’s Physique Pro competitors.

For a show that is being promoted as a new era in the sport, it seems strange that certain categories are being dropped and others added.

It is great that the amateur winners will be awarded IFBB Pro cards… but then what? With the limited amount of IFBB Pro shows in Europe, will the European athlete have to travel to the USA to use the IFBB Pro card? Will they have to wait for the few shows after the Olympia weekend that take place in Europe to compete in the Pro Bodybuilding class?

These are all questions that the athlete need to ask themselves.

It is nice to hear the words ‘You win and your in’… but what is the use of a IFBB Pro card? Unless you are financially stable or sponsored, a few number of athletes will make the trip to the USA just to compete. This is when an athlete has to look more closely at the IFBB Elite Pro league or other federations to see what is best for them.

The IFBB International are now awarding amateurs with a substantial amount of prize money at the end of each season and as well the prize money for the IFBB Elite Pro shows is increasing show after show.

Again… saying all this, we will hear the same thing as usual… IFBB Pro League have the Olympia. Yes, that is true… but now there are more options for the athlete and he or she can choose what is more viable for him or her.

They can try to qualify for the Olympia or they can work their way up and compete in prestigious contests such as the IFBB World Amateur Championships, IFBB European Champions or the IFBB World Junior and Master Championships. We must not forget the NABBA Universe and the PCA Federation. Every contest from each federation has its prestigious show, some more historical than others.

Just because they take place outside of the USA, this does not mean they are inferior or garbage as some are suggesting!

London IFBB Pro show drop Men's Physique/Bikini

The official press release with the changes being mentioned


London IFBB Pro show drop Men's Physique/Bikini


London IFBB Pro show drop Men's Physique/Bikini

The original poster with Men’s Physique Pro show mentioned.