Looking Back: Dorian Yates

The Shadow is the perfect description for the 6X Mr. Olympia (1992-1997) Dorian Yates.

Dorian used win the Mr. Olympia and disappear again for another year.

Back then, social media was not what it was today and it was very difficult to keep track of a athlete as we do today.

Dorian changed the look of bodybuilding forever. There was something about his physique and training methods that always shocked the bodybuilding world.

Up to Dorian, the Mr. Olympia stage had a line of bodybuilders that were very aesthetic and proportioned.

Dorian Yates made every bodybuilder change their game plan. Some just walked away seeing what was coming in the future. Other competitors kept at it trying to break down the Shadow, but it was useless.

When Dorian turned around and gave us his back pose, it was lights out for the rest. Even his calves, nobody could match him.

His thickness was unmatched.

Even his training methods. He used to train in a dungeon. No high tech machines like in the USA. Dorian was hardcore in every sense. Intense, heavy workouts was the game plan everyday.

Lee Haney dominated for eight years before Dorian came from nowhere.

Dorian turned Pro when he won the 1988 overall British Championships. He then placed second at his first pro show, the 1990 Night of the Champions and then stamped his authority at the 1991 Night of the Champions by placing first.

Next would be the Mr. Olympia. At his first appearance, he placed second against the out going 8X Mr. Olympia Lee Haney.

The big question is, would Lee Haney defeat Dorian the following year? Lee surely saw what was coming and it was probably a good decision to keep eight Olympia titles without being defeated.

Dorian brought a hard, defined and huge physique to the bodybuilding stage. The other competitors were overshadowed by Dorian’s mass.

To defeat Dorian you had to be harder and bigger, but even when bodybuilders came in looking sharp they did not stand a chance next to him.

Even with some major injuries in his last Mr. Olympia, Dorian was still hard to defeat at 90%.

Dorian, unfortunately had to walk away from the sport that gave him so much. His body broke down after all those years of grueling workouts.

But this did not slow down the IFBB Legend.

Today Dorian is still involved in the bodybuilding  and fitness industry.


Looking Back: Dorian Yates Looking Back: Dorian Yates Looking Back: Dorian Yates Looking Back: Dorian Yates Looking Back: Dorian Yates Looking Back: Dorian Yates Looking Back: Dorian Yates Looking Back: Dorian Yates

Looking Back: Dorian Yates
Dorian Yates with Eric ‘The Merlin’ Broser at Golds Gym, Venice.