Mahmut Irmak

mahmut irmak 3Mahmut Irmak is  a name that sends shivers down the back of bodybuilders that go up against him on stage. This bodybuilder from Turkey has one of the most complete appearances on the IFBB amateur circuit. His 165lbs (75kg) weight makes him a certified ‘Giant Killer’.

He has totally dominated the IFBB amateur scene and he would be a great IFBB Pro if the judges had to judge on appearance other than just pure size. His perfect definition, aesthetics and elegant posing are not matched by many.

From: Turkey –  Izmir

Name: Mahmut Surname: Irmak

Birth date: 01-01-1973

Height: 167cm

Weight off season: 83 kg

On season 75 kg

Tittles: 11× National Champion

Training for over 21 years

Competition history

2007 Berlin champ. 70kg 1st

2007 Germany International Champion 70kg 1st + Overall

2009 Turkey Mr.Perfect 1st

mahmut irmak 12009 IFBB European Championships Classic Bodybuilding up to 170cm 3rd

2010 IFBB European Championships Classic Bodybuilding up to 170cm 1st

2010 IFBB World Championships. 70kg 1st

2010 IFBB World Championships Classic Bodybuilding up to 168cm 1st

2011 Arnold Classic Europe 75kg 1st

2011 IFBB World Championships. 75kg 4th

2012 Arnold Classic 80kg 1st

2012 IFBB World Championships 75kg 1st + Best poser

2013 Arnold Classic 75kg 1st

2013 IFBB Europe Championships. 75kg 1st + Overall


Mahmut Irmak’s Facebook page

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