Malta Federation

The Malta Federation of Bodybuilding of Fitness held its Annual General Meeting at Fort Fitness, Sliema on Sunday 14th January.

Over 100 members, competitors attended this meeting marking the start of the 2018 season.

The only change in the present committee was the addition of Ms. Antonella Bianco as a new committee member.

After the President & Treasurer read out the administrative & financial reports, a brief look was taken at the various achievements Maltese athletes achieved on an international basis in 2017.

The calendar of events with 2 national competitions and 2 international ones was also explained to the members. To note is that from the 6th-8th April MFBBF will have a packed weekend where apart from the National Championships, the 2nd Edition of the IFBB Diamond Cup and the 1st ever Elite Professional Show will take place.

MFBBF also announced that for 2018 a National Ranking System will be introduced where the top athletes will be awarded at the end of the year. The Newcomers category will also be introduced during the National events in Bodybuilding, Men’s Physique & Bikini Fitness.

For more information about the Federation and its activities one can join the facebook group IFBB Malta or visit the site

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