Mariano Farrugia

Mariano Farrugia 2From his teenage days, both fitness and modeling has been what Mariano Farrugia strived for. Mariano has been part of the industry or better put, the industry has been a part of him for give or take, 12 years. Training has always played a chief role in his life, in the past forging opportunities such as his first job with the Armed Forces of Malta and today complimenting his modeling career

Throughout his life, individuals from all walks of life lacking fundamentals such as proper knowledge, good guidance and long-term motivation, which are all key for the development of a person’s body have approached him for direction. And this is what ignited Mariano to start doing what he does today.

The main ingredient in personal training is, without a doubt, experience. Through his career Mariano has trained all sorts of characters, all with varying demands, however, all with a common target in mind, to feel good; whether it comprises of fat loss, a lean physique or simply a healthy lifestyle.

Mariano Farrugia 3Witnessing clients transform month by month is Marinao’s inspiration; it is what keeps him motivated at a personal level. This feeling of reward is what drives Marinao to continually push himself to reach his potential and at the end of the day place in fitness competitions.


The last competition Marinao participated in was the ‘Miami Pro European Championship 2016’, held in London. This required a whole lot of tough work as well as attentive planning and preparation; including detailed meal plans, training, posing and a number of other related things. Mariano came out on top and placed 2nd in the ‘Model Category’ and 3rd in the ‘Under 75kg Fitness Model Category’, resulting in the honor of holding two ‘Miami Pro cards’, both of great value in this industry.

Mariano FarrugiaThe one target he constantly aims at is giving his 100%, making sure his energy, motivation, determination and willpower instills the people around him with motivation. Through the years Mariano can say that he has learnt that it is not just about knowledge and strength, but it is about inspiring others to use their full potential and always do the best they can do in whatever they are trying to achieve!


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