Master Elite Pro Category

IFBB Elite Pro League announce Master Elite Pro Category.

In the modern age of bodybuilding, it has become a norm to see athletes past the age of 35 competing in events.

The majority of them can still compete at a high caliber, especially in bodybuilding.

With athletes competing in their 40’s and 50’s the IFBB and IFBB Elite Pro have decided to introduce the Master Elite category. This gives the opportunity to these athletes to compete on a more fair playing field with athletes in the same age group. Always, if they wish to.

The criteria to obtain the Master Elite Pro card will be:

  • All category winners of the World Master Championships and Continental Championships in master category
  • Overall winners in master categories at the invitational events.
  • Elite Pro athletes that accomplish the age’s requirements. They may compete in the Elite Pro Master events.

The age’s requirements per category will be:

  • Master Bikini Fitness Over 35 years of age
  • Master Bodyfitness Over 35 Years of age
  • Master Men’s Bodybuilding Over 40 years of age
  • Other categories will be incorporated progressively