MDrive Boost & Burn

From DreamBrands comes MDrive Boost & Burn, a successor of their original MDrive Prime supplement.

As you could probably guess by the name, this product isn’t just a testosterone booster. It’s a fat burner too!

Apparently, this supplement will help you with:

  • Musle gains
  • Libido
  • Energy levels
  • Fat loss
  • And other benefits shown on the marketing material of their website

Usually, the best supplements only focus on one of the two: fat burning or testosterone boosting.

There’s only so much space in a capsule, and by splitting the formula, you’re potentially creating a “jack of all trades, master of none” supplement. Is that the case here?

Well, let’s find out in this MDrive Boost & Burn review!

Pros and Cons


  • Contains Ashwagandha & zinc
  • Uses chromium for blood sugar support
  • Can give you energy due to potentially high amounts of stimulants


  • Missing some core T-boosting ingredients
  • Proprietary blends
  • Uses Bitter Orange Peel which is known to cause high blood pressure and other side effects

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Who Makes This Testosterone Booster?

DreamBrands produces a variety of products that support general health, fat loss, and testosterone boosting.

They often use proprietary blends in their supplements, which we aren’t the biggest fans of. Prop blends prevent you from seeing how much of each ingredient there is in the product.

Other than that, you’ll find their supplements both in retail stores and online – including on Amazon.

Claimed Benefits

  • Enhances energy
  • Promotes thermogenesis
  • Supports testosterone


MDrive Boost & Burn doesn’t have one, but two proprietary blends. To their credit however, these blends do include some fitting ingredients for a testosterone booster and a fat burner.

But before we get into these proprietary blends, there are a few ingredients that have their dosages fully shown so we’ll inspect those first.

Vitamin D3 (400IU)

Boosts testosterone naturally in the right doses.

Research is pretty clear on vitamin D’s benefits on testosterone. In one study with men who suffered from low testosterone, 3,332IU of vitamin D daily for one year significantly raised the levels of their male hormone. The bad news is, 400IU of vitamin D3 in MDrive Boost & Burn is too low a dose. (1)

Vitamin B6 (10mg)

Some animal studies point to potential test-boosting benefits.

It looks that your vitamin B6 levels could influence your testosterone blood levels too. As one rat study showed, vitamin B6-deficient rats experienced a boost in their T levels after they were injected with vitamin B6. This suggests that healthy levels of vit B6 are critical to having healthy levels of the anabolic hormone; although, it won’t boost your testosterone above the normal level! (2)

Vitamin B12 (120mcg)

Not the best testosterone booster, but it has some general health benefits.

Vitamin B12 is more of an insurance policy kind of ingredient. It will cover your bases in terms of nutrient requirements, but it won’t have much of an effect on your testosterone. What vitamin B12 is good at, is helping your body convert food to energy. (3)

Zinc (15mg)

It helps maintain healthy testosterone levels, especially under physical stress.

Zinc is a raw testosterone material, needed for the production and release of the hormone. Another reason why it’s one of our favorite ingredients is that it helps prevent test levels from crashing when you train too hard. The dosage in MDrive Boost & Burn is great too. (4)

Chromium (200mcg)

Balances blood sugar levels.

This ingredient doesn’t have any test-boosting potential. However, it is included as the premium Chromax, which works to stabilize your blood sugar levels. It’s a solid ingredient for a fat burner. (5)

Boron Citrate (10mg)

Great dosage, it works to support your natural test production.

This is another great choice. At doses of 10mg or higher per day, it can support your testosterone production. Alongside zinc, it’s one of our favorite trace minerals for testosterone boosting. Studies show that at least 10mg or more boron per day can raise T levels. MDrive Boost & Burn has just enough! (6)

Booster Blend (825mg)

  • KSM-66® – This is a branded name for Ashwagandha extract which contains 5% withanolides, the active compounds that are responsible for Ashwagandha’s benefits.
  • Cordyceps – Much like Ashwagandha, Cordyceps has anti-stress effects. Although the research isn’t very extensive, it’s not a terrible ingredient by any means!
  • Tongkat Ali – Also called LongJack, this one has libido enhancing properties. At the right dosages, though! We don’t know the dose in MDrive Boost & Burn.
  • American Ginseng – Yet another adaptogenic herb. Is this an anti-stress supplement or a testosterone booster? While it’s great to use ingredients that manage stress levels, it’s better to focus on the ingredients that will directly help with testosterone.
  • Maca – Natural libido booster. No proven effects on testosterone unfortunately.
  • Maitake May contain some vitamin D2, which is a less absorbable and inactive form of vitamin D3.
  • BioPerine – This is a patented form of Piperine or black pepper extract. This ingredient is often paired with turmeric to increase its absorption. It may help with the efficacy of other ingredients in this blend too.

Burner Blend (300mg)

  • Green Tea – It contains EGCG which are small molecules that are responsible for the bulk of Green Tea’s weight loss effects.
  • Caffeine – The world’s most popular stimulant. It is a solid ingredient that can give you more energy, but it can be dangerous in too high dosages. We can’t tell how much caffeine there is in this MDrive Boost & Burn blend. For all we know, it could be as much as 299mg, which would be A LOT!
  • Advantra Z® – This is a branded form of Bitter Orange Peel. Or also called Citrus Aurantium. It’s on our to-avoid list because it’s known to produce a series of harmful side effects on the body.
  • Ginger – This is a spice used in cooking. It promotes blood flow and reduces nausea. It’s far from a great test booster or a fat burner unfortunately!

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Anything Missing?

For the most part, we like MDrive Boost & Burn’s ingredient choices. The biggest problems are the doses which we can’t see.

Although, it is true that there are some core ingredients missing from this product:

  • Magnesium – Raises both free and total T levels in your body.
  • Garcinia Cambogia – A tropical fruit with powerful appetite suppression and fat burning effects.
  • Mucuna Pruriens – Raises dopamine brain levels, along with boosting natural testosterone production in your testes.
  • Luteolin – This ingredient inhibits aromatase, an enzyme that is known for turning your testosterone into the female sex hormone estrogen.

How to Take (Dosage Instructions)

The dosage directions for MDrive Boost & Burn are 2 capsules per day with food. If you want, you can also take one capsule in the morning and another in the afternoon. A word of caution though, don’t take it too late in the day as it can cause insomnia due to potentially high amounts of stimulants in it.

Side Effects – Is MDrive Safe?

When it comes to side effects there are two main problems with MDrive Boost & Burn.

First off, it has an unknown amount of caffeine. The other problem is that it contains Bitter Orange Extract, which also comes in unknown amounts.

Both are stimulants, and both can be dangerous on their own when too highly dosed. But when you combine them, the risk of side effects dramatically increases.

These potentially include:

  • Racing heart
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety episodes
  • Mood swings & energy crashes
  • High blood pressure

That’s why we’d recommend starting with the lowest dosage possible (1 capsule) to see how you’ll react to it. Even better, talk with your doctor before ingesting this supplement.

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Price And Value For Money?

You can buy MDrive Boost & Burn on Amazon for a price of around $40. The price itself isn’t terrible, there are some great test boosters with this price tag that absolutely justify the investment. However, we do think that this product could’ve avoided using stimulants and proprietary blends.

Conclusion on MDrive Boost & Burn Review

So that brings us to the last part of this MDrive Boost & Burn review.

MDrive supplement line seems to never get over using proprietary blends. In the past, they usually stuck with only 1 proprietary blend per product.

But with MDrive Boost & Burn, they took it to 2 prop blends with specific goals of fat burning and testosterone boosting. While the ingredients in these blends are some of the best ones, we don’t know their dosages, and consequently, we don’t know if they’ll work or not.

If you don’t mind the stimulants and proprietary blends, then you may like it. But in our opinion, there are better options available right now.

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