We continue with the detailed review of the International Austrian Championship that was held on 29 April, 2018.

Dr. Wolfgang Schober continues with his review of the Men’s Physique over 178cm.

Mario Korntheuer (AUT, 6th place) made had a great competition and gained a lot of experience. Norbert Piechocki (AUT, 5th place) showed a good overall package, but very often pulled up his right shoulder during front poses which in turn was detrimental to his overall looks.

In the fourth place was Fabian Neuwirth (AUT) with a similar presentation problem as Norbert.

Harald Giglleitner (AUT, 3rd place) presented his balanced body complacent and without antics.

For Rasul Shoebavi (AUT, 2nd place) the victory was already within reach. Unfortunately, he missed it by one point. Rasul´s body and the conditioning were really OK however, he acted too guardedly on stage and did not find the way to put his assets in the right light.

The Slovene Blaz Spegel (1st place) understood this very well, which is why he took gold to our neighbors.