Michal Križánek wins the 2018 IFBB Elite Pro Madrid – Open Bodybuilding.

The IFBB Elite Pro League is in full swing and is getting better and better at every competition.

Some may argue that they have no big names, but its it still a new federation and already athletes are switching over from many other federations.

At the IFBB Elite Pro –  Madrid that took place on 26 May, 2018, Michal Križánek, won his first IFBB Elite Pro show.

This was a impressive win for the young athlete as this was one of the deepest line-ups at a professional competition within the IFBB. Tomáš Kašpar was missing from this line-up after winning the Arnold Classic Africa the week before. Tomas competed in a string of contests and decided to skip this one.

Michal is a young bodybuilder that has only been competing for just over a year. Now the world knows who this young kid is. Super genetics, fantastic size and great proportions were what the judges needed to see. Does he need to improve? Yes, but that is what this sport is all about.

One must note Michal went up against veteran pro’s such as Vitaly Fateev who did not make the top 5 at this show, showing already the high standard that the IFBB Elite Pro is already at.

As all athletes were impressive, another athlete looks like he is going to have a great future in the sport, Gregory Bellot, Gregory finished in fourth place. This was also his first show and he showed great potential.

What one will notice from the IFBB Elite Pro League is that, you are not seeing the big mid-sections and bloated physiques. The open class might look slightly smaller than what we are used to seeing, but the physiques are much more pleasant to see, taking us back to the physiques we loved to see in the early 80’s and 90’s.

The top 5 for the 2018 IFBB Elite Pro Madrid Bodybuilding Open class are as follows:

  1. Michal Krizanek
  2. Ilya Lukovets
  3. Michael Muzo
  4. Gregory Bellot
  5. Marti Pozzi

Full results to be uploaded shortly.

Checkout the photos of the Bodybuilding open class: Click HERE

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