RESULTS: Mika Sihvonen wins the 2019 IFBB Nocco Nordic Pro.

The 2019 IFBB Nocco Nordic Pro championships took place on Saturday 5, October 2019.

This competition has become one of the biggest and most attended events on the IFBB Elite Pro calendar.

The top athletes in the IFBB Elite Pro League always are present for this event that takes place just a few weeks after the Arnold Classic Europe.

With a great venue this is truly a show not to be missed.

A big well done to the organizers for an excellent job.

Mika Sihvonen defended his title in Finland by winning the 2019 IFBB Nocco Nordic Pro for the second successive year.

Mika has become one of the top athletes in the IFBB Elite Pro league defeating competitors with his fantastic condition and aesthetics.

Mika is also the IFBB Elite Pro World Champion in the 90kg class and it looks like he is on his way to defend his title in a few months.

The Slovakian, Roman Vavrecan had to settle for second. Roman has a fantastic physique as is an athlete that has the potential to continue to grow in the IFBB Elite Pro League.

As an amateur, Roman was unbeatable and it is great to see him step in a pro stage. Hopefully in 2020, we will see more from this great athlete.

All the bodybuilders presented the ideal physique. Mass was not the focus but it was great to see the vacuum pose from these bodybuilders. They are on the righ path when it comes to the vision of the ideal physique.

In other divisions, Melina Keltaniemi from Finland took top honors in the Bikini Fitness division. This is a great results for Melina as she defeated top finishers from the 2019 Arnold Classic Europe, including Oksana Bryhidyr and winner Yana Kuznetsova.

Oksana Orobets continued her winning ways by winning in Finland just weeks after winning the fitness division at the 2019 Arnold Classic Europe. A great accomplishment for the Ukrainian. It looks like she will be one of the top contenders at the 2019 IFBB Elite Pro World Championships.

Lexy Oliver was the winner in the Wellness division. Lexy is already qualified for the 2019 IFBB Elite Pro World Championships.

Dennis Johansen managed to defeat a number of fantastic athletes to win the Men’s Physique title. With the biggest line-up of competitors for the weekend, this was surely not a easy task for Dennis.

This event is another great opportunity for IFBB Elite Pro’s to earn cash prizes and as well qualification to the 2019 IFBB Elite Pro World Championships that will be taking place in November 2019. Winners will get direct qualification for the World Championships.

1. Mika Sihvonen, Finland
2. Roman Vavrecan, Slovakia
3. Pavel Koukal, Czech Republic
4. Mariusz Zaba, Poland
5. Athanasios Attilakos, Greece

Bikini Fitness:
1. Melina Keltaniemi, Finland
2. Oksana Bryhidyr, Ukraine
3. Yana Kuznetsova, Russia
4. Galina Maslovskaia, Russia
5. Veronika Zemanová, Czech Republic

1. Oksana Orobets, Ukraine
2. Eveliina Tistelgren, Finland
3. Nikolett Szabo, Hungary

Wellness Fitness:
1. Lexy Oliver, Italy
2. Karrer Angie, Switzerland
3. Urania Politis, Greece
4. Evgeniia Sokolova, Russia
5. Õnnela Raudsepp, Estonia

Men’s Physique:
1. Dennis Johansen, Norway
2. Bayala Thierry, France
3. Sherko Eliassi, Finland
4. Omer Bahamed, Qatar
5. Bilal Fakir, Belgium

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Checkout the photo galleries on – Click HERE