mika sihoven ifbb elite

Mika Sihvonen wins the 2019 IFBB Elite Pro World Championship up to 90kg.

Mika Sihoven has defended his title to win the 2019 IFBB Elite Pro World Championship up to 90kg for the second successive year in Cancun, Mexico.

The event took place between the 22-24 November, 2019.

The 2019 season was a very successful one for Mika as he continued to dominate the up to 90kg division and as well was a major threat in the open class with bigger opponents.

In open class events, Mika placed second at the 2019 Arnold Classic Europe and third at the 2019 IFBB Elite Pro World Championships. These are fantastic results considering the athletes he competed against were much bigger.

Mika has confirmed that he will be moving up to the open class division for the 2020 season and focus on winning the Arnold Classic Europe and as well the open class World Championship.

There was also an IFBB Elite Pro show in Cancun during the same weekend which saw a number of the most successful athletes in the 2019 season continue their success.

Michal Krizanek, the most dominant open class bodybuilder in the 2019 season, jumped back from failing to defend his IFBB Elite World Championship title just a few weeks before to place first during the weekend.

Adela Ondrejovicova continued to dominate the body fitness division. It looks as Adela will still be the top athlete going into the 2020 season.

In the Men’s Physique division, Dmytro Horobets also continued to dominate this division with another victory just weeks after defending his World Championship title.

In other divisions, Anissa Costa was the winner in the Wellness category and Kseniya Oleinik took the top prize in the Bikini category.

TOP 5 results:

IFBB Elite Pro World Championships up to 90kg
1. Mika Sihvonen, Finland
2. Andrei Melnikov, Russia
3. Carlos Nunes, South Africa
4. Misael Avila, Mexico
5. Jimson Janga, Curacao

IFBB Elite Pro Cancun
Wellness fitness:
1. Anissa Costa, Brazil
2. Beatriz Vasquez, Mexico
3. Alma Lozano Landero, Mexico
4. Linda Mireya Topia Mora, Mexico
5. Urania Politis, Greece

Men’s physique:
1. Dmytro Horobets, Ukraine
2. Elias Junio Barbosa De Souza, Brazil
3. Max Murillo, Costa Rica
4. Toni Gallego, Mexico
5. Joan Bonilla, Dominican Republic

Bikini fitness:
1. Kseniya Oleinik, Russia
2. Esther Garcia Diaz, Spain
3. Karina Gavrikova, Hungary
4. Kristine Jansone, Greece
5. Bridget Foster, United Kingdom

1. Michal Krizanek, Slovakia
2. Jan Turek, Czech Republic
3. Rubiel Antonio Mosquera, Colombia
4. Vasyl Remizov, Ukraine
5. Jason Stone, Canada

Body fitness:
1. Adela Ondrejovicova, Slovakia
2. Tereza Linhartova, Czech Republic
3. Tatiyana Pudovkina, Estonia
4. Tibis Aranque, Venezuela
5. Vanesa Alvarado Tapia, Mexico

All the photos by Oscar Cruz / Agente Fotográfico

mika sihoven ifbb elite

mika sihoven ifbb elite