Milos Sarcev's workout Serbia

Milos Sarcev’s giant set upper body workout in Serbia.

Bodybuilding legend Milos Sarcev returns to “Bodybuilding Club Bečej“, the gym that started his very successful bodybuilding career.

Bodybuilding Milos Sarcev returned to his homeland in Serbia to visit family and friends.

Milos could not miss the opportunity to visit and train at the gym that means so much to him.

The gym, “Bodybuilding Club Bečej” was opened by former bodybuilder and trainer, Adam Janković.

Unfortunately, Adam passed away on April 2020, after battling a long illness, but the good news is that his son Sale Janković continued to run the business.

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This gym holds a very special place in the history of the sport of bodybuilding. Even though it’s not as popular as Gold’s or World’s Gym, this gym has more history and character than the majority of gyms open today.

This gym managed to survive a major war in Yugoslavia that lasted between 1991 and 1999.

The gym is literally dedicated to Milos, with every wall covered with photos of the bodybuilding legend.

At a very young age, Milos joined the gym and it was from that moment that Adam started to train him.

Adam was involved in Milos’ career from the first day as he trained and prepped him for his first Mr. Universe competition in 1987.

Adam was also at Milos’ side when he competed for the last time in 2003 at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

In his recent trip to Serbia, after resting for a couple of days, Milos decided to do a total upper and lower body workout on two separate occasions.

Milos explains in detail, his giant set upper body workout:

“After the long flight (over 24 hour journey), missed one good night of sleep (rather 2) and considerable jetlag (due to 9-hour time difference) – it is certainly not the ideal time/condition to do your regular training session…but just because you can’t do your usual one it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do scaled-down one that would be safe yet still intense enough…
I chose to do UPPER BODY GIANT SET, including chest/back/delts/arms into my routine – first rotation going back and forth by using antagonistic muscles (pull-push, back-chest, biceps-triceps and mixing some front/side/rear delts with it…).
Second rotation I changed order of exercises with thge idea to use agonistic-synergistic muscles with no rest in between so I would do chest-front delts-triceps 5 different exercises before I would move to back-rear delts-traps-biceps for another 5 exercises – and my plan was to do it twice in a row without the rest (for the total of 20 sets)…but I failed after first ten exercises…as I just didn’t have it in me (mentaly).
It’s hard to have that “I’ll rather die than not finish” attitude when you are 57 years old and doing the set alone…Giant sets are 5-times harder if you try to do the alone…If you have guys like Dennis Wolf, Hidetada Yamagishi, Johhnie Jackson, Silvio Samuel…etc – doing it at the same time – it is completely a different story….” – Milos Sarcev

Upper Body Giant Set Workout

The Giant Set Lower Body workout will soon be published by Milos Sarcev.

From Left to Right: Adam Janković’s wife Stana, his son Aleksandar, Adam and Milos Sarcev. The photo was taken in 2019.
Adam supporting Milos Sarcev at his last competition in 2003 in Hungary.

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