Missing Motivation Add Some

Missing Motivation? Add Some Fun to Your Workout Routine.

Sometimes the standard exercise routine can become joyless or boring, even in an exciting realm like bodybuilding. This can be a major detriment to your routine because it can cause you to lose your motivation.

Injecting some fun into your workout routine can help you keep spirits up so that you can continue to make gains and crush it at the gym. Here are some ideas you should consider if you need a change!

Office Sports

Did you know that you can build an entire mini Olympic Games right in your office? Working out can happen at the gym, but it can also happen anywhere.

If you are sick of missing out on hours of potential exercising while you are at work, consider bringing the gym to your office. Expand the limits of what it means to be moving your body and engaging your muscles with fun office sports like a mini basketball hoop from the list at https://ironcityshowdown.com/best-basketball-hoop/mini/ or a standing desk. Compete with others in the office to make things exciting.

You can take business calls on the treadmill and even enjoy your desk from the seat of an exercise ball. Stretch and get some reps in between tasks throughout the day to keep your energy up and your body moving.

If you don’t work in a flexible enough office, you can even do this in your bedroom at home. Here are a few other office sports to try out:

  • Desk weights
  • Door-hang pull-up bar
  • Under-desk peddler
  • Desk volleyball

Buddy System

Instantly inject excitement into your usual gym trip by inviting a buddy.

Here are a few ways that friends can make workouts more fun with a partner:

  1. Turn it into a competition and see who can get the most reps or lift the heaviest weights
  2. Match on sets and hang out while spotting each other and alternating which one is doing reps
  3. Share your favorite workout tips and tricks, swap routines, and even try new things together

Working out with a friend or even a competitor isn’t just great for fun. It can also help you to push yourself even harder than you would have if you were alone at the gym. This leads to better gains and faster muscle growth.

Get Out Into Nature

Stepping out of the four solid walls of your local gym to go and exercise in nature can be a great way to mix it up. Hike at your nearby nature preserve, swim at the beach, lake, or even pool, and bike trails, and feel the wind speeding by.

Go early in the morning to watch the sunrise and hear the birds waking up as you jog or hike. New landscapes provide new and exciting views, animals, and experiences to engage and motivate you on your workout.

Extreme sports like water skiing, kayaking, and surfing are adventurous ways to experience nature while exercising and building confidence and courage.

Get a Trainer

A trainer can help you kick your usual bodybuilding routine into high gear. They can help you simplify and optimize your strategy so that you’re doing less work for more gains.

If you feel like your boredom at the gym is due to a need for change in your usual process, try working with a trainer to get the professional experience and feel like a champion. Being supported by a professional trainer can give you the motivation needed to power through your days and get excited about the gym again.

The Bottom Line

However you choose to work out, there are tons of ways to spruce up your routine and change things up when you start to feel bored. Try out some of these tips to inject some fun and excitement into your usual gym day!

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