Bodybuilding Icon Dorian Yates Includes Proven and Profitable Business System With Each New DY GYM Location License.

Six-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates has assembled a team of executives with years of proven business and marketing experience to launch the new DY GYM licensing program. The program gives aspiring fitness entrepreneurs a proven business system for gyms and health clubs, in an effort to help them build their own successful gym business, employ personal trainers, and help reverse the skyrocketing obesity epidemic currently plaguing much of the world. Current gym owners can easily convert to a DY GYM and receive all business training with their licensing agreement.

“Our societies are plagued with obesity and disease epidemics and between gym owners and personal trainers commonly going out of business, I wanted to provide them a proven, business system training that my team has spent years applying behind the scenes and a system which is directly responsible for generating millions of dollars in revenue, for gyms and fitness centers,” Yates says.

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Yates has spent the past several years working with his team to create the solution to what he sees is one of the main reasons obesity has reached such epidemic proportions. “The failure rate for gym owners and personal trainers is very high because it is very difficult for them to work ON their business when they are busy working IN their business. Thus, most fail within the first few years and the next few years wipe out most of who’s left. And all you need to do is look at the climbing statistics of obesity. It’s simply cause & effect. When they fail, we all lose,” the bodybuilding legend went on to say.

“It’s very painful for me to sit back and watch people get sick and die due to preventable lifestyle choices. My team has spent years testing and improving a business system which has created amazing results for select gym owners and personal trainers. With each DY GYM location license, the owner receives immediate enrollment into DY University which is a combination of live, online training classes and custom-tailored, comprehensive training manuals for the gym owner and each staff member. We teach them an entire business system. All they need to do is apply the steps. The only other thing I wanted to address was that for many gym franchises, you’re required to either be a millionaire or have access to millions of dollars. This, to me, is an unrealistic ‘barrier to entry’ for the common person with a fitness dream. I used to be that person with a dream. There are millions of men and women, right now, who want to make a living helping people get healthy through diet and exercise. Now they have the DY GYM business opportunity. We have a very affordable start-up investment compared to many large chains and with your DY GYM license, we don’t smother you with expensive design regulations. I want each DY GYM to be representative of its city, country, and owner. If they treat their members and staff with great respect and operate with integrity, it should be a great fit,” Yates went on to say.

DY Gym’s first location in China is set to open February 1, 2017, with several more location licensees in talks from America to Europe and Australia to South Africa. After years of developing the proven business system taught inside DY University, Dorian Yates decided to offer affordable gym ownership licensing opportunities, as opposed to franchising. “Ever since I retired from competitive bodybuilding, one of my dreams has been to offer an affordable way for independent gym owners to make a comfortable income and empower them to help the sick and diseased at the same time. I wanted to also avoid requiring them to be millionaires like many large chains require because it just doesn’t make sense to me,” says Yates.

In addition to the live, online training sessions and comprehensive training manuals provided to each DY Gym licensee’s staff, each location receives a full assortment of advanced marketing assistance, completed for them by the DY Gym team, as well as hosting of their complimentary web listing, details, calendar of events, map location, trainer details and more.

Each DY GYM licensee also receives training on how to insert a ‘Pro Shop’ and receives discounted pricing and resale abilities for the popular DY Nutrition line of supplements, apparel, assistance with floor-plan design, discounted pricing on exercise and cardio equipment and more.

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About Dorian Yates: Dorian Yates won bodybuilding’s coveted Mr. Olympia title six consecutive times from 1992-1997. Yates has millions of devoted fans on social media who also enjoy his sports nutrition line, DY Nutrition, where he constantly works with select scientists to maintain the highest standards of quality ingredients.

DY GYM is the affordable new gym location licensing program from six-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates which includes a proven & profitable business system, live training, marketing assistance, website hosting, DY sports nutrition & merchandise sales and the ability to promote each location to Dorian’s several millions of fans on social media.