Multivitamin benefits bodybuilding

Multivitamin benefits bodybuilding.

Multivitamins are the most well known supplement there is. And there is roughly a billion to choose from. But do you actually need a multivitamin? And if you do take one, what sort of results could you expect? In this post we’ll take a look at whether bodybuilders should add a multivitamin to their stack, or if you can get the same benefits from a planned and healthy diet…

Firstly, let’s take a look at the benefits a good multivitamin can offer. For this article, we’ll be using National Bodybuilding Co. Bodybuilders Multi as our example supplement, as it contains ingredients focused vitamins and minerals for muscle growth and optimization. As well as the usual immune booster etc.

Ingredients in a Bodybuilding Multivitamin

Generally, most multivitamins come with a baseline set of ingredients, comprised of key vitamins and minerals and a some herbal extracts. The idea of this, is that you are providing your body with a booster of ingredients that could be lacking from your diet.

Remember this post is a summary, and so we’ve based these effects on the most common vitamins and minerals that you can find in a daily multivitamin. These ingredients are generally:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Copper

If you purchase a multivitamin with the above included you’ll ensure you are getting essential vitamins and everything you need as a good base for health and immunity. If you’re more serious about your goals and how you spend your money, lots of daily multivitamin offer even more to advance your fitness goals.

Benefits of a Multivitamin

1)   Immunity

One of the major plus points of a multivitamin is that the vitamins and nutrients it contains can bolster immunity. Vitamin C as an example is crucial to get rid of colds and keep your immune system firing on all cylinders.

Gyms can be pretty dirty places, so make sure any multivitamin you buy has a full profile loaded with key vitamins to avoid those annoying colds. [1]

2)   Energy

B Vitamins [2], which are included in any good multivitamin help your body get energy from food. If you’re low in these, you’ll find yourself a bit fatigued and low on energy.

This is also true of nutrients like zinc, magnesium and calcium. So get these on a checklist for key ingredients in any multivitamin, not just a bodybuilding multivitamin.

3)   Recovery

With the right vitamins [3] and minerals [4] you’ll find that you can recover quicker. When you train, you deplete muscles, and so it’s the job of the blood to carry key vitamins and minerals to muscles to help restore them and provide energy.

All of the vitamins and minerals mentioned above will provide good results for bodybuilders when it comes to recovery. Which is how you’ll end up building more muscle.

Bodybuilding Specific Benefits

In terms of benefits of bodybuilding multivitamins, you start to see more targeted benefits. Again, we’re basing this on National Bodybuilding Co.’s bodybuilders multi here, as for us it’s contender for the best product out there:

4)   Muscle growth

Additional trace minerals like chromium and manganese can contribute to muscle growth beyond the normal nutrients like zinc etc. [5]

Another good mineral to look for is molybdenum, which helps in numerous enzymic reactions in the body. One of the major ones being it’s role in muscle building. A crucial benefit for bodybuilders.

5)   Anabolic optimization

Vitamin D[6,7], zinc, manganese and also extra available ingredients can contribute to healthy testosterone levels. And with healthy testosterone levels comes bigger gains and a whole host of other benefits.

This is a huge benefit for any athlete, and so when you’re looking for a multi that hits this mark ensure you see a variety of minerals, vitamin D and stinging nettle extract.

6)   Performance

Performance is going to come from increased energy and antioxidants. Some products may be boosted with caffeine or amino acids. This can help if you’re not using a pre workout or drinking coffee to get a boost before each workout.

Generally, you’ll find the herbs and minerals all make you feel better day to day, and this will have a knock on effect with your mindset and performance.

Do Multivitamins for Bodybuilders Work?

In short, yes, a multivitamin provides an excellent base of nutrition for bodybuilder. This especially true if you’re diet is high in protein and you’re missing some key nutrients etc.

That’s not to say bodybuilders need a multivitamin, they’re just a luxury that can make you more efficient with training and recovery. Shortening the time it takes you to build muscle and advance in your fitness goals as well as ensuring you’re always fit to train.

Recommended Multivitamin

National Bodybuilding Multivitamin

Our recommended multivitamin for bodybuilders is National Bodybuilding Co. – Bodybuilders Multivitamin.

This product ticks all the boxes when it comes to a true formulation that can benefit bodybuilders and general athletes. Suitable for men and women, it contains vitamins and minerals that the body needs to improve immune function and achieve your fitness goals.

Choose Bodybuilders Multi to:

  •  Boost immunity
  • Improves recovery and performance
  • Provides energy
  • Optimises key hormones for muscle

Order our favourite bodybuilding multivitamin direct here.

Other products are available, so shop around as there are some deals to be had. Just make sure you see a label filled with ingredients that are backed with scientific studies and will lead to the desired effects.

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