webcast end july 2015We have a new update regarding the 2015 Olympia ‘Live’ webcast story. Earlier this week we published a story that bodybuilding.com has decided not to provide the service of a ‘Live’ webcast for this years Olympia Weekend.

We immediately contacted ifbb.com and Muscular Development.

We still have no answer from IFBB.com and regarding Muscular Development, we did leave a post on their forum, but they decided not to publish our question.

But on our Twitter feed, one our favorites, Shawn Ray (who works for Muscular Development) was quick to answer as usual. He said “Follow exclusive  Mr. Olympia contest coverage at musculardevelopment.com”

We immediately asked if they would be having  a ‘Live’ webcast and Shawn Ray immediately answered ‘No’

We thank Shawn for giving us an immediate answer. Until anything else changes, Muscular Development are out of the picture

This now leaves us with ifbb.com, who have recently launched a TV service on their website. But till now we have no answer from them.

Below are the actual screenshots of our conversation with Shawn Ray:


shawn ray  olympia 2015