My thoughts on the NABBA and WFF situation
NABBA legend Lee Priest and Si Sweeney.

My thoughts on the NABBA and WFF situation – Si Sweeney.

Si Sweeney is a bodybuilding historian and a dedicated member and official of NABBA.

In this opinion piece, Si Sweeney expresses his feelings on the latest developments between NABBA and the WFF.

By Si Sweeney

NABBA has been around since 1949 formed and of course started the Prestigious Mr Universe in 1950.

It is the most historical Federation in the history of the iron game.

It has now progressed with the times by adding fitness classes and I’m sure more classes will come.

Some people may not like this but that’s what is needed to keep bodybuilding and Physique contests alive, ‘Progress and giving the competitors and fans a wide range of classes’.

NABBA has never been held up by any other Federation, they have always stood alone. Any time another Federation such as WBBF and WAABA have latched onto NABBA it ended badly, simply because they underhandedly used NABBA for their own gain and not in an upfront manner.

It seems history is repeating itself, nobody from any federation can tell competitors that NABBA worldwide hasn’t enough classes for them, let alone NABBA reps saying this, it’s not true.

They should have a choice of what Federations they can compete in, NABBA has never in the history of the sport told competitors not to compete in other Federations.

NABBA was built by men and women who believed in helping, supporting and respecting the athletes, that is why so many fantastic people male and female competed in the last 70 years for NABBA.

NABBA has never disrespected other federations or used other federations for their own gain. All NABBA reps from Britain, Europe, Australia, Asia, USA etc need to question themselves on if their loyal to NABBA or not.

If they are doing everything in their power to promote NABBA and encourage and support people who want to compete in NABBA country, regional, Universe, Europeans or World contests, they need to be committed to representing NABBA and it’s policies and most of all the competitors.

If the reps can’t do this moving forward then there is no point in being a representative for NABBA, move on and concentrate on whatever venture they see fit.

NABBA wants a clean break from WFF and I don’t find this unreasonable as NABBA has stood alone for most of the 70 years and secondly, the WFF is making ground and moving forward with its own contests and also adding more countries virtually every week. It now has its own WFF Universe, WFF World’s and WFF Europeans, so it’s about time they stood on their own.

There is no point in being a rep for both NABBA and WFF combined when a massive percentage of the competitors are encouraged in certain countries to compete only in WFF.

At the end of the day you can’t give 100% to two Federations, it has never worked in the history of the sport and I don’t think it ever will. So a clean break is the only realistic option.

Pick your Federation and go and put nothing but effort, dedication and commitment into every thing involved.

Stand alone and see what the future brings. Managed properly both NABBA and the WFF will do well. They are two separate entities and that’s the simple fact.

Edmund Ellwood as OFFICIAL NABBA INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT has a duty to make sure everything is in line because of his duty to NABBA that the wishes of the NABBA original founders are adhered to and that the policies of NABBA are adhered to.

He also has to help make sure that NABBA International becomes stronger worldwide. If he has to lay down the rules so be it. The WFF, IFBB, PCA and NPC all have leaders who look after their own house and do what they think is best for their federation, so I find that Edmund Ellwood is doing what will help NABBA, doing his duty as President.