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NABBA supporters and competitors rallying together against Bob Cicherillo

NABBA supporters and competitors rallying together against Bob Cicherillo.

Bob Cicherillo has started his UK Gym tour today and he has started on a negative note with NABBA athletes and supporters showing their frustration on social media against Chicerillo for the comments he made towards NABBA and Lee Priest.

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Cicherillo continued his negative comments towards the NABBA association by opening a post on Muscular Development’s forum called ‘Apology to Kevin Grech‘. This was created in a response to the original post where we pointed out his remarks on the previous post called Interview with Bob Cicherillo, The Voice of Bodybuilding.

Many thought Bob was making an apology to the editor of Evolutionofbodybuilding.net, Kevin Grech. But it seems Bob took sime time to write a sarcastic article to continue to call NABBA competitors ‘Slugs’. In his own words: “Lee Priest, competed against and beat a bunch of slugs that weren’t even good amateurs”.

These comments did not go down well with the likes of Lee Priest, Mike Quinn and IFBB Pro and NABBA USA’s Eddie Robinson. Social Media groups are on fire with competitors and fans calling on everybody to not go to the gyms that Bob will be visiting on his UK tour this week.

These are the dates of Bob’s tour.:

Crayford Weights 20-Feb 11-1pm
Ripped Gym,Basildon 20 Feb, 2-4pm
Olympian Gym Fitness 21 Feb 2-4pm
Strength Asylum Stroke-on-Tent 22 Feb 2-4pm

Marketing must not be Bob’s forte, as he said these negative comments a week before he started his UK gym tour and as well a few weeks before he will be organizing his first NPC/IFBB Pro show in the UK. this is definitely the way to lure competitors to his federation.

Bob as well is showing he is not up-to-date with his bodybuilding history, as NABBA UK, hosts the NABBA Universe, one of the most prestigious in bodybuilding history with a list of legends gracing the NABBA stage.

Getting back to Bob’s sarcastic apology, this is what he said, adding more insult:

“Just wanted to take a minute and apologize for something I said which turns out, I was completely wrong about.

I mentioned in my interview with John Hawley that Lee Priest “competed against and beat a bunch of slugs that weren’t even good amateurs” referring to the NABBA show he won in 2013

I was under the impression he was competing as a PRO against PRO’S.

As it turns out, I was wrong….He DID compete against a bunch of slug AMATEURS, not “pros”. Not sure what their rules are about Pros competing and winning against amateur competitors, but….whatever.

You were quick to mention the rich history of former NABBA Pro from the 1940’s, etc….not quite sure what that had to do with this particular competition.

BUT…Let the record reflect I was wrong in assuming Lee beat NABBA pros.

My bad”

Bob insists that evolutionofbodybuilding.net started this campaign, but since we are friends with all federations, we were notified of a group page with comments related to the interview Bob did when he said these comments.

We leave to our loyal readers to decide who was disrespectful or not.

On another note, the image of Bob depicted as a clown was designed on a NABBA forum and not by evolutionofbodybuilding.com!