IFBB Physique America names Social Media Directors.

In another ingenious move that again shows that IFBB Physique America is the most progressive, contemporary, open-minded physique Federation in the game, Petra Mertl and Jennie Gil Porcelli have been appointed Social Media Directors overseeing IFBBPA Facebook and Instagram accounts. In addition, both have been appointed as the first female members of the IFBB Physique America Executive Board.

“It is an honor to have two intelligent, dedicated women added to our team who are not only highly educated individuals but also former champions” exudes IFBB Physique America CEO/President Wayne S. DeMilia. Having them on our Executive Board brings an entirely different perspective on every decision made.”

Petra Mertl is a two-time Czech Republic Amateur Figure Champion (2004-2005) and the Nutrend Grand Prix Champion 2005. As a pro she has competed in 38 pro competitions in the IFBB. She is a graduate of the University of Prague with degrees in Exercise & Sport Science, Nutrition & Health and Psychology. Petra is certified by the IFAA as an aerobic and fitness instructor and by NFPT as a personal trainer.

Jennie Gil Porcelli started her competitive career by winning the 1984 NPC Teen USA Bodybuilding Championship and the 1984 NPC Sunshine State Bodybuilding, both as a 17-year- old. She has also won the NPC Palm Coast Women’s Bodybuilding the NPC Hurricane Bay Women’s Physique and recently the NPC Florida State Masters Figure Championship at 50 years old. Jennie is an IFPA certified personal trainer and a Sport Medicine Specialist. As an added bonus, Petra and Jennie both speak multiple languages fluently.

IFBB Physique America is honored and proud to add to our Executive Board two people of such high esteem, integrity and intelligence.