Nathan De Asha looking fantastic

WATCH: Nathan De Asha looking fantastic before the British Grand Prix.

Nathan De Asha is going into the 2019 British Grand Prix as the clear cut favorite to take the title home.

It’s a shame that Nathan’s main competitor Luke Sandoe decided to skip this contest. Even though Luke has enough points for now to qualify for the Olympia, he still is not guaranteed a spot.

It would have been an epic battle between Luke and Nathan on the British stage. Hopefully they will meet at the 2019 Olympia.

Thanks to @suleose, footage was posted of Nathan posing at home in June just before the 2019 British Grand Prix.

Even though Nathan was still a few weeks out, he showed that he is ready for this show.

Considering Nathan suffered a very serious eye infection that almost ruined his season, he managed to solve the problem and still focus on this contest.

With just 12-weeks till the 2019 Olympia Weekend, just a few contests remain, making this contest very important to many athletes.