Nathan De Asha mocks Phil Heath’s double biceps photo.

Nathan De Asha is back to his normal self… joking around and posting amusing comments on his official social media pages.

In his recent post, he mocked 7X Mr. Olympia Phil Heath‘s recent double bicep post.

Phil Heath had just finished a photo shoot at the NPC headquarters and decided to take a photo when he was ready.

Nathan decided to take a similar photo and say ‘I think I made this NPC vest look better”.

Nathan is going into the Olympia with high hopes and all we can say this is good for the Olympia.

Most of the athletes have been very silent in the run-up to the Olympia and it is a breath of fresh air to see somebody start the trash talk.

Phil Heath has been quiet and did not answer back. As usual he will give his answer on the stage.

Who do you think looks better?