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RESULTS: Nathan De Asha wins the 2019 British Grand Prix.

The popular British Grand Prix returned in 2019 thanks to 2BrosPro.

As the 2019 Olympia Weekend is only 12-weeks away, it was a great opportunity NPC/Pro League athletes especially from Europe to earn qualification and earn qualification points for the 2019 Olympia.

As predicted, UK’s Nathan De Asha was the winner as he presented a fantastic physique with the right balance of size and definition. The top three was a all UK line-up with second place going to Samson Dauda and James Hollingshead taking third.

Czech Republic’s Milan Sadek finished in fourth. This result puts him just three points behind Luke Sandoe, who sits in third in the 2019 Olympia Qualification standings.

Zack Kahn, who made a surprise entry, had to settle for 11th.

With Nathan earning his qualification to the 2019 Olympia Weekend, hopefully Luke Sandoe, another monster from the UK will be able to step on the Olympia stage with Nathan at the Olympia.

Luke technically is still not qualified for the 2019 Olympia, but he still has enough points to earn qualification as of now.

Nothing is guaranteed yet for Luke as Milan Sadek who finished fourth at this weekends British Grand Prix is on 13 points while Luke has 16. If Milan continues his run of results he can eliminate Luke from the 2019 Olympia as the top three in the point standings go through.

At the end of the contest, Luke Sandoe stepped on stage with the top competitors and showed some incredible size compared to the rest.

On his official Instagram page, he promised that he will be competing at the show on 2020.