Neil Hill Blessing Awodibu separate

Neil Hill and Blessing Awodibu go their separate ways.

With the coronavirus problem getting all the headlines in the bodybuilding and fitness world, a new story is developing that will surely interest many in the industry.

A few months ago, a new partnership was created between Neil Hill and pro bodybuilder Blessing Awodibu.

The young Blessing Awodibu is very popular on social media with his comical videos. Blessing’s popularity increased when he teamed up with Redcon1.

Since earning his pro card at the 2017 Arnold Classic Europe, Blessing has not competed as a pro.

Blessing Awodibu was planning to make his pro debut at the 2020 Arnold Classic Australia, but this contest was unfortunately cancelled due to the coronavirus.

This was a major blow to Blessing as he was looking to arrive for the event in fantastic condition with the guidance of Neil Hill.

All seemed to be perfect between Blessing and Neil until this week.

According to sources very close to, this website can confirm that Neil Hill and Blessing Awodibu have ended their working relationship.

This website can reveal that one of the main reasons for the working relationship to end was that Neil Hill felt that they were not compatible to work together and he decided to end it.

This comes as a big shock as Blessing was looking to be on track to present a fantastic physique.

Blessing immediately published a post confirming he does not have a coach.

It should not be a problem for Blessing to fill the void. With most of the major competitions shelved due to the coronavirus, he has some time on his hands.