Neil Hill reveals more about Big Ramy’s coaching situation


WATCH: Neil Hill reveals more about Big Ramy’s coaching situation.

The rumors about Big Ramy have been spreading like fire in the last couple of weeks.

Agian, rather than talking about Big Ramy’s training routines or the possibility of him returning to the stage in 2019, the subject again is about Big Ramy’s coach.

Big Ramy has unfortunately not had the best of luck with coaches in his career, starting with Dennis James then moving on to Bader Boodai, George Farah, Chris Aceto and now Neil Hill.

After his sixth place finish at the 2018 Mr. Olympia, Big Ramy did not take this lightly after almost winning the title in 2017 when he placed second.

After his sixth place finish in 2018, immediately after he left Bader Boodai’s Oxygen Gym and teamed up with world famous trainer Neil Hill.

Neil Hill is a brilliant coach with athletes such as William Bonac and Flex Lewis working with him.

Neil and Big Ramy seemed to be a perfect combination, but it seems things are still on the rocks as in this interview, Neil has made some valid points why Big Ramy should not compete in 2019.

The reasons Big Ramy is staying away from the competition stage in 2019 is that he still has not recovered mentally from his sixth place finish in 2018 at the Mr. Olympia and as well he is also recovering from a shoulder injury.

Neil Hill also confirmed that he suggested to Big Ramy to take the 2019 season off so that he can make a comeback stronger in 2020.

Neil also confirmed that he and Big Ramy are taking a bit of a break and they will get back together when Big Ramy is ready to start training and focusing on a contest.

Neil Hill brushed aside all the rumors regarding Big Ramy teaming up with other coaches.

Regarding Neil Hill removing Big Ramy’s name from his Instagram profile, Neil also explained this in detail.

The reason Neil removed Big Ramy’s name is that the space is limited and he preferred to post the names of his active athletes.

Regardless whatever other websites are saying regarding Big Ramy, we will not be taking these rumors seriously until we hear it from Neil Hill himself.