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WATCH: Neil Hill talks about Big Ramy and the quality of new IFBB Pro’s.

Muscular Development’s Ron Harris had Neil Hill as a guest on his latest edition of Ronline Report.

At the moment Neil Hill’s name is brought up in almost every discussion related to bodybuilding when it comes to Big Ramy.

On the show, Neil Hill categorically denied that he has ended his relationship with Big Ramy.

Again, as in his other interview, Neil Hill confirmed that they have taken some time off and the last contact he had with Big Ramy was in May.

Ron Harris made sure the interview covered other topics other than Big Ramy.

Neil Hill talked in detail about his other athletes such as Flex Lewis, William Bonac and Jon DeLaRosa.

Neil also confirmed that Jon DeLaRosa had to have a small hernia operation. It was planned for after the 2019 Olympia, but he decided to get it done now. Neil Hill also confirmed it was not a major operation and he will be back in the gym in a couple of days.

The topic about the amount of NPC/IFBB Pro cards that are awarded was also discussed. As Neil Hill thinks the sport is slowly moving in the right direction, he believes that even though a number of athletes are awarded NPC/IFBB Pro cards it does not mean they are to standard.

As has discussed on a number of occasions. The best of the best should only step on the NPC/IFBB Pro stage.

What is happening now is that a number of athletes get their pro status and we never see them again, other than a change in their social media description.

Watch the excerpt on Neil Hill’s discussion about Big Ramy and as well you can watch the interview in full. Neil speaks in great detail and is a joy to hear his passion about the sport.