fbb new divisionby Andrew Michalak – ifbb.com

IFBB doesn’t give up in searching of new possibilities for presentation of the human physique beauty. This time it will also include the prettiness and sublime elegance. With the beginning of 2016, IFBB has introduced two new sport divisions: Fit Model Women and Fit Model Men. In both cases, less attention is paid to body parts and muscles details in favour of overall lines and shape of the physique, elegance of moving on the stage, style and attractiveness of presentation. All these features will be assessed during four rounds, a bit different for women and men:

1. Prejudging – Elimination Round (Quarter Turns, swimsuit)
2. Prejudging – Round 1 (Quarter Turns, swimsuit)
3. Finals – Round 2 (T-walking, Quarter Turns, swimsuit)
4. Finals – Round 3 (Individual Presentation, evening gown)

1. Prejudging – Elimination Round (Quarter Turns, gymnastic shirt)
2. Prejudging – Round 1 (Quarter Turns, gymnastic shirt)
3. Finals – Round 2 (Quarter Turns, gymnastic shirt)
4. Finals – Round 3 (Individual Presentation, casual sport wear)

Women’s T-walking as well as individual presentation (45 seconds) will allow women to show their bodies and their elegance in move and in a very special attire: long evening gowns. This will be a very attractive end of the finals. Men will also have their individual presentation but in casual sport attires: an unbuttoned fitness style jacket, worn directly on the body, showing the front of the trunk and abdominal section and casual style pants like jeans, khakis, corduroys, chinos, cargo, twills, etc. Something new and surprising on the IFBB physique sports scenes!

Women will compete in three body height categories: up to 163 cm, up to 168 cm and over 168 cm. There are also three categories for men: up to 174 cm, up to 180 cm and over 180 cm. More details in the Technical Rules available online on the IFBB website, in the “Rules” section.

Picture source: www.ronnie.cz