IFBB Elite Pro bodybuilding

New IFBB Elite Pro winners set to dominate bodybuilding world.

New stars are emerging from the IFBB Elite Pro League in 2021, making it one of the most exciting federations to compete in.

The IFBB Elite Pro League is a fairly new pro bodybuilding and fitness federation. The IFBB Elite Pro League was formed immediately after the IFBB and NPC/Pro League split in 2017.

From its beginnings in 2018, new bodybuilding stars have started to emerge and catch the eye of bodybuilding fans and media all over the world.

Veteran stars such as Michal Križánek and Mika Sihvonen have been the front runners of this exciting bodybuilding league.

As the IFBB Elite Pro League continues to sanction shows all over the world, following the path of IFBB‘s prestigious amateur division, new stars are starting to emerge.

The EBBF, an affiliate of the IFBB in the Emirates, organized the Ajman Bodybuilding and Physique Competition between 2-3 April, 2021.

As the IFBB is represented all over the world in the majority of countries, new bodybuilding stars are starting to emerge from events all over the world.

Two athletes have caught the eye of the media and bodybuilding fans from the event organized by the EBBF.

Andrew Jacked (Chinedu Andrew) and Bodebi Davo Ndokuro have emerged from this event as IFBB Elite Pro winners.

Ahmed El-Sayed was another athlete that impressed with his fantastic balance.

Both Andrew and Bodebi went into the event as amateurs and ended the event as pros.

Immediately, their images started to appear all over social media, praising their fantastic physiques.

The contest organized by the EBBF had over 200 athletes register for the event. A great number, considering all the problems related to Covid-19.

Andrew and Bodebi both competed in the bodybuilding category.

A lot of confusion about their posing trunks was evident on social media. Do to strict regulations in the Emirates, the bodybuilders could not wear the usual posing trunks as they do in other countries.

Many believed that they competed as Classic Physique, but this was far from the truth.

Andrew, Bodebi and all the other competitors are proof that the IFBB Elite Pro League is moving in the right direction.

Many in the industry continue to preach that these athletes cannot compete on the Olympia stage since they are IFBB and IFBB Elite Pro athletes. As the NPC/Pro League do have the rights to the Olympia Weekend, the IFBB Elite Pro competitors have the opportunity to compete in a vast number of pro competitions, that lead to the IFBB Elite Pro World Championships.

With the IFBB presenting endless opportunities to compete all over the world, the IFBB Elite Pro League is becoming an option that many athletes are looking to.

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The IFBB Elite Pro is the only Pro bodybuilding and Fitness League associated with the IFBB. The IFBB or the IFBB Elite Pro have absolutely no association with the NPC/Pro League.


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