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New additions have been added to evolutionofbodybuilding.net in the past couple of days.

A new section has been added called Featured Athletes. In this section athletes that don’t necessarily have to be Pro bodybuilders will be added. They will be judged on their contribution and promotion of the fitness industry. Mike O’Hearn was the first athlete to be added to this section.

Athletes that have been added to the Legend section are Milos Sarcev and a great bodybuilder that is no longer with us Mohammed Benaziza.

A number of rare videos of past competitions and posing routines of various athletes have been added as well. These all can be found in the video section.

Finally the news of the death of bodybuilding pioneer Dan Lurie. Dan passed away earlier this week and many newcomers to the sport get to read about how this legend started and how he clashed with a number of big names in the industry.

More great updates will be added in the coming days. To keep up-to-date with all the updates you can follow us on Twitter or on Facebook.