IFBB ELITE PRO: New weight limit
IFBB ELITE PRO: New weight limits for Classic Bodybuilding.
One of the most exciting sport divisions in IFBB Elite PRO is the Classic Bodybuilding.
The new addition to bodybuilding was created with the idea to bring the classic and aesthetic look back to the sport of bodybuilding.
With the new IFBB Elite Pro contests organized by the International Federation of Bodybuilding, a change was needed to get more quality and heavier physiques in the classic division.

In the new season new amendments were made to the height and weight restrictions for this division.
The new weight and height rules are in full affect for the 2018 season. These will be implemented from the first IFBB Elite PRO Classic Bodybuilding contest in Nafplio (Greece) on March, 23-25, 2018. Total prize money for this contest amounts to $50,000 with $8,000 to be won in the Classic Bodybuilding category.


Up to & incl. 168 cm                               Max Weight [kg] = (Height [cm] – 100) (+ 4 [kg])

Up to & incl. 171 cm                               Max Weight [kg] = (Height [cm] – 100) (+ 6 [kg])

Up to & incl. 175 cm                               Max Weight [kg] = (Height [cm] -100)  (+ 8 [kg])

Up to & incl. 180 cm                               Max Weight [kg] = (Height [cm] -100) ] (+ 11 [kg])

Up to & incl. 190 cm                               Max Weight [kg] = (Height [cm] – 100)  (+ 13 [kg])

Up to & incl. 198 cm                               Max Weight [kg] = (Height [cm] – 100) (+ 15 [kg])

Over 198 cm                                           Max Weight [kg] = (Height [cm] – 100)  (+ 17 [kg])