Nick Orton resigns

Nick Orton steps down as CEO of Bodypower Expo.

Nick Orton today has announced that he has stepped down as CEO of the popular fitness expo, Bodypower.

In a long message on his official Facebook page, Nick talks about the expo and how it has grown in recent years.

Nick also confirms that he will not disappear from the industry as he will take on new projects related to bodybuilding and fitness.

Nick is also the publisher of Flex and Muscle & Fitness UK.

Read Nick Orton’s message in full:

A kind of goodbye

After a decade of BodyPower expo’s, I took the decision to resign from my position on the shows a month or so ago. The May show in the Uk will be my last in charge.

I have given everything in my quest to try and inspire others, work with integrity, passion and commitment. To an extent, I have been able to shape an industry, and I am proud that over the years, we have touched millions of lives, and helped in some way, many fitness businesses to grow.

Stepping down from the shows was a tough decision, but my senior team are extremely good, experienced and committed to develop BodyPower expo’s with our new format, which showcases in May. I have no doubt that the new ‘BodyPower Experience’ will pave the way for future shows right across the world, in the same way as the current show has done so. For those reading who are too young to know, when we first launched BodyPower, this type of event did not exist, and it’s a great compliment that now you can find similar formats across the globe. For young entrepreneurs, my message is simple – do not accept the opinion of ‘experts’ who think they know better. If you really believe in your idea; if you have truly done your research; if you are prepared to work harder than ever before; then do it…life is too short to not follow your dreams. My whole career has been a series of so called experts telling me that ‘it won’t work!’

Post May, my time will be spent on other projects – BodyPower Gyms, stores, cafes, writing, presenting and some consultancy work.

I am about to fly to India for the 6th BodyPower expo in Mumbai – it looks like a superb line up, and we have had a phenomenal amount of support for the show this year. I want to thank everyone that has supported myself and BodyPower to date, and look forward to seeing you in the future.