FEATURE: Chest workout with IFBB Pro Nicolas Vullioud.

Nicolas Vullioud is becoming one of the hottest names in the IFBB Pro League. A modern day ‘Giant Killer’.

Nicolas is just 5-weeks out from the IFBB Pro show – Portugal which is taking place 14-15 July 2018.

Olympia qualification is the main target for Nicolas. He has a good chance of dominating the 212 class in Portugal with a physique packed with muscle and one will notice his massive legs.

Today we bring you one of Nicolas’ chest workouts that he is doing in his contest season prep.

Thin skin, onion skin. Still got some strength at 5 weeks out. So I will probably reduce my training volume and weights the two last weeks, but for now… I lift heavy, and I push this metabolism 💪. Here is my chest routine. As I already said, don’t do at 100% my workout. Use some exercises or combinations to build your own session. – Nicolas Vullioud

1. Chest Press
1x 8-10 heavy reps
2. Pec deck (pre exhaust) 12 reps + Chest Press (10 heavy reps + 5 negative reps + 5 positive reps + 5-6 full stretch reps) + Explosive push ups until failure.
3. Smith machine, incline press
1x 7-8 heavy reps
1x cluster SST: 3×5 with 10 sec rest + 3 negative reps + 3 positive reps
4. Dumbbells incline press
3x 10-12 reps
5. Pek Dek
1x FST-7
6. Chest Press
2x 5 full stretch 2-3″ + 5 ” peak contraction
7. Cable Cross + Bodyweight Dips
3x super sets 10 reps + 15-20 reps


 IFBB Pro Nicolas Vullioud