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No face masks or social distancing puts Brandon Curry at risk during seminar.

On Saturday 11 July, 2020, NPC promoter Tim Gardner organized the athletes meeting for the Tampa Pro that is to take place at the end of July 2020.

Video footage of parts of the athletes meeting and seminar was sent to by concerned athletes and fans.

During the athletes meeting and seminar the video footage shows that Tim Gardner, his partners, the athletes and Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry are not wearing face masks and are not keeping 6ft social distancing indicated in Executive Order 2020-30.

As indicated in the Executive Order, face masks are not required when ‘Persons exercising, while maintaining social distancing’. Otherwise the mask has to be worn.

This is the only time a face masks can be removed in a public establishment such as Powerhouse Gym in Tampa Florida where the meeting and seminar was held.

As the gym owners placed the chairs for the athletes attending the seminar with the proper distance, athletes still sat on the floor between them. The disregard for wearing face masks is what should have been enforced.

The video indicates only a few people were wearing the mask, but the majority were not.

Tim Gardner blatantly showed his disregard for laws and the health of the fans and athletes in a recent post on’s Instagram page.

He said There are no discussions to not showcase the hard working efforts of our IFBB Professional League & NPC athletes. Tim Gardner Productions will not disappoint them come Hell or high water. The National Guard would have to barricade us out to shut the show down.”

This proves that money comes before the health and safety of every individual that goes to the Tampa Pro event.

Tim Gardner also had to back track on what he said about making sure the Tampa Pro event takes place.

During the athletes meeting, Gardner said that he was receiving a lot of questions about the event. Gardner continued to explain that he does not have a crystal ball and cannot see the future, indicating that he himself is not sure the event will take place.

Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry health at risk

During the athletes meeting and seminar, 2019 Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry was present the entire time.

The video footage indicates that no social distancing was taking place and as well no face masks were worn during the entire time.

As an NPC show promoter, pro league judge and Expo Director for the Mr. Olympia, Tim Gardner should be the first to enforce these rules (Executive Orders).

Even Brandon Curry should have realized that he could be putting his own health at risk attending a seminar and athletes meeting without a face mask or following social distancing.

What would happen if Brandon curry got infected with the coronavirus? His attendance at the 2020 Mr. Olympia most probably would be put in jeopardy.

With all that has been seen, this is truly shows a lack of respect in every way when it comes to the health of the attendees.

The NPC and Pro League should investigate this if they want to keep all their athletes and number one athlete Brandon Curry in good health.

Covid-19 cases still at a high

Florida has a total of 250,984 positive cases as of publishing this article (12 July, 2020).

The Tampa area has about 18,360 cases. These are not small numbers and it is a worrying situation. regrets that the athletes are having such a difficult time to compete, but nothing should put their health or their families health at risk.

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Tim Garder has accused this website of publishing false material. In all the time this website has been publishing news, care has always been taken to present documents to support the article.

If Tim Gardner does not care for his health, he should consider the people around him and their families that could have relatives with a high risk of dying from such a virus.

Below the reader can find all the documents and footage to support this articles facts.