eddie robinsonFormer IFBB and WBF Pro Eddie Robinson has expressed his feelings on his Facebook page regarding drug use in the sport. He totally agree’s with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s stand regarding the huge guts and condition some bodybuilders are bringing to the professional stage.

Now, Eddie Robinson did admit that he ‘dabbled’ in anabolic steroids when he was at his prime, but he surely had a lot to say when somebody named Mark Bates challenged him on social media.

The transcripts below are the exact material that was published on Eddie Robinson’s Facebook profile:

Mark Bates No I didn’t use GH, insulin or synthol!! However it saddens me that all new school body builders and fans ask the same question and classify me since I was an IFBB PRO, Shows how jaded new school bodybuilding fans are. Old school bodybuilder didn’t use this shit! Take a good look at our body’s we had balance symmetry and could do a vacuum pose. Also most men wanted to look like most Pro’s in the 70,80,90s, however different story today. I even have my drug test for the 1990 Olympia where I competed clean!!! What do you think about that? I also have my drug test for the 575 bench 1987 world record IPF.! I remember in the 80’s a few body builders were forced x ray for calf implants per strict policy. Can you imagine if the IFBB Pro’s today were forced to do a full body scan? Synthol oil pockets would show up as 25% synthetic oil 75% muscle in most arms and shoulders.
Old school did dabble in anabolic sure.. However it’s cool aid to today’s companies to the high level of GH, insulin and synthol pumped in lagging body parts. Take a good look at these wanna be jokers with huge as hell arms and stick legs and calves. Lol, one word for them (Douche) Come Join in the conversation world wide and share.

If You look like this you shouldn’t get called out!!
IFBB/NPC. Quit rewarding this look on stage!! Your rewarding the freaks with synthol and GH guts a look that goes against the standards of the IFBB founder Joe Weider / Ben Weider the old school bodybuilding criteria symmetry, balance and poise that was founded by NABBA 1959 Rules and regulations that were followed and perfected by the greats such as Arnold 4X Universe winner Zane, Reg Park, Bill Pearl, John Grimick, Sean Connery, even Joe Weider along with the man who we all wanted to look like Steve Reeves.. (Hercules Actor) All from NABBA and whom all competed in the “NABBA UNIVERSE” THAT WAS FIRMLY BASED ON SYMMETRY AND BALANCE!!
As a work of art, balance and beauty not a fu#%ing freak show that is currently Saturated with unbalanced physiques that are unattractive and couldn’t sell a Muscle & Fitness Cover with a look most would never wish to look like.
Wonder why?? ESPN will not televise bodybuilding anymore and the magazines that once graced the checkout line at all grocery stores that are no longer have been replaced by smut like the globe, enquirer, women’s world, cooking, Vogue, and Cosmopolitan..Time for a change people!!
“It’s time for new officials” officials that will stick to old school rules and regulations that kept bodybuilding marketable and popular while protecting the look bodybuilding was founded on per balance, symmetry, beauty, perfected as a work of art and mostly saving lives making the competition stage a fair playing field for future athletes instead of today’s new school protocol of everyday GH, insulin and loads of Synthol!!
Basic steroids aren’t cool aid in today’s game.
eddie robinson 4The current pros today’s “The New Generation” that all the fans looks up to load up on Synthol oil in mega dosages creating sick huge arms that they show off like a fu%#ing trophy as hard work by blood, sweat, and years busting ass to develop (lol) NOT!!
however take a second look at the same peckerwoods whom supports twig legs and stick calves that can’t get that same look by injecting mega amounts of synthol oil which proves their true God given genetic potential) really?? I hope your reading this as you are the ass holes whom have ruined my sport and continue to disgraces it!! And I spit on the officials that have kept rewarding this bull shit and remain doing so!!
The nutrition companies whom endorse these jokers stating get a body like this taking our products. Lol.. Now you know why your product aren’t selling and the other nutritional companies have switched over to MMA fighters and other athletic avenues. I will no longer attend the the IFBB OLYMPIA, or ARNOLD CLASSIC even though I get sent free tickets to attend. With all the synthol it should be called the Quaker State or Mobil one Classic!!!! Even though the Olympia will no longer have women’s bodybuilding I want to shout out to Jake Wood for stepping in with Wings of Strength supporting women on his own dollar keeping it alive. “RESPECT”
This October 31, 2015 I chose to fly to the UK South Port to watch the NABBA Mr. Universe as I believe in their judging standards and criteria, I am old school bodybuilding and I will continue to support old school and will continue to represent and fight the fight for change to protect our future athletes creating a fair playing field. Thanks for sharing this on your page and making a stand. Be the voice and repost.


Source: Eddie Robinson Facebook page


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