No official date set

No official date set for the 2021 Arnold Classic USA.

With rumors spreading like wildfire about the date for the 2021 Arnold Classic USA, an official announcement has not been made by Classic Productions.

At the end of April, Muscular Development’s Ron Harris and NPC/Pro League athlete Natalia Abraham Coelho announced a date for the 2021 Arnold Classic USA.

The unofficial date of 25 September, 2021 was announced by Ron and Natalia. Immediately after this revelation, the majority of media started spreading the news, taking for granted that this was the official date.

Since the announcement by Ron and Natalia, ten days have past with no official announcement or confirmation of the date from Classic Productions or Arnold Schwarzenegger himself.

Sources close to recently alleged that the USA version of the Arnold Classic will not be organized in 2021.

The Arnold Classic USA suffered heavily in 2020 due to Covid-19 and it seems that they are thinking twice before committing themselves to a date for 2021.

According to the official website of the Arnold Sports Festival, a message still indicates no date has been set for this event.

The only events that are confirmed are the Arnold Sports Festival Europe and UK.

The IFBB/IFBB Elite Pro sanction the European edition while NPC/Pro League sanction the UK version of this event.

The 2021 Arnold Classic USA will be the 32nd edition of this prestigious event. Rivaling the Olympia Weekend, the Arnold USA is the second biggest contest in the NPC/Pro League calendar.

Hopefully Classic Productions do release an official date for the Arnold Classic USA in the near future. Thousands of amateur and pro athletes are waiting eagerly to plan their competitive season.

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