NPC/IFBB Pro League chaos continues

NPC/IFBB Pro League chaos continues… are they panicking?

The NPC/IFBB Pro League released another letter on Monday to make it a point to tell their members that the NPC/IFBB Pro League resigned from the IFBB International before they were suspended, so in fact they are trying to say that you can’t get suspended if you have already left.

Jim Manion and crew seem to have forgotten the events of the 2017 Amateur Olympia in Vegas. The NPC/IFBB Pro League and Jim Manion were suspended for the fact that they did not follow the rules of how to run the show and the lack of respect they showed to the international judging panel. was informed by a number of amateur competitors that the weekend was a disaster with judges who were not qualified to IFBB standards taking over the show.

Jim Manion states in his letter that the NPC/IFBB Pro League split with the IFBB International due to their unjust policies and practices. But in fact it is the other way around. The NPC/IFBB Pro League did not follow the regulations of the IFBB International that is run by a democratic system and rules are voted for during the yearly congress when members from the 196 affiliated countries meet.

As well, there has been no recent announcements regarding Jim Manion or the NPC/IFBB Pro League. This letter was released to just scare the athletes.

The reality is that there is only one IFBB and that is the IFBB International, the one created by Ben and Joe Weider. This is now run by their chosen successor President Dr. Rafael Santonja.

The athletes do not have to be confused, the IFBB International is the biggest federation in the world and as well they are offering prize money at every contest they run. Points towards gaining a IFBB Elite Pro card and prize money for the amateur competitors are also awarded at the end of the season.

The IFBB Elite Pro League has already gained popularity with the number of contests they are organizing during the 2018 season, plus we must not forget the vast schedule of amateur contests which athletes can win the IFBB Elite Pro card.

Then you have the NPC/IFBB Pro League. This organization is truly the only road to compete in the Olympia (AMI owned) stage. As the NPC are preaching ‘You win and your In’.

This is much easier to say then do. Obviously the NPC/IFBB Pro League have great popularity in the USA, but now they are trying the bold move of organizing contests all over Europe. One must remember the USA travel ban to certain countries… what option does this leave to the athletes who qualify for the Olympia and can’t go? Is it viable for an athlete to travel such a long distance to compete in the big IFBB Pro shows in the USA?

Now, the NPC know Europe has a majority of athletes competing with the IFBB International with the aim to compete in the prestigious IFBB World Championships (formerly IFBB Mr. Universe), and the three Arnold Classic Sport Festivals.

This move by the NPC will surely put pressure on the organization regarding man power and finances. They have to fly a team of judges to Europe for each show as they believe they are the best judges compared to others…as well they believe they are not corrupt.

With the NPC organizing shows in Europe, obviously they will want to see some gain financially after a show. This will be very difficult as they will be suffering higher costs due to travel and accommodation which means higher registration and accommodation fees. We are already seeing that with the first UK NPC show that is taking place in March 2018.

The IFBB International are not scaring their competitors to stay with their organization but rather the NPC are using bullying tactics headed by a number of prominent people in the industry.

The IFBB International will continue to work quietly producing the best contests and opportunities for the best athletes in the world.

The IFBB International and the IFBB Elite Pro League are bringing bodybuilding and fitness back to the way it should be.

Watch the explanation of IFBB President Rafael Santonja regarding the suspension of the NPC and Jim Manion

NPC/IFBB Pro League chaos continues