NPC/Pro League rescheduled

NPC/Pro League shows continue to be rescheduled.

The 2020 NPC/Pro League contest season has come to a halt due to the coronavirus threat.

New government regulations and restrictions have stopped a number of events from running as scheduled.

The perfect example of this was at the 2020 Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio. The event had to be reorganized at the last minute after the Governor forced restrictions. Not even Arnold Schwarzenegger himself could prevent these new laws.

The majority of NPC/Pro League events had to be rescheduled with other being cancelled 2020 and rescheduled for 2021.

The Olympia Weekend was also rescheduled to December.

As the coronavirus threat started to decline, show promoters were happy that the shows that were rescheduled would possibly take place. But this did not last too long.

One or two NPC events did run as scheduled but in the bast week, a number of promoters have decided to reschedule their event again and push them forward to November and December 2020.

The Tampa Pro that is scheduled to take place between July 30 – August 2.

At the time of publishing this article, this event has not been rescheduled even though Florida has a very high rate of coronavirus infections.

Show promoter Tim Gardner insisted in a unprofessional manner that the show will go on as planned.

Many show promoters, athletes and fans have vented their frustration that this show should also be rescheduled due to the high rate of coronavirus infections in Florida.

Events that have been rescheduled or cancelled

2020 NPC Bev Francis Atlantic States – The event has been temporarily rescheduled to September 2020.

2020 NPC Jay Cutler Classic – This event was scheduled to take place on 8 August, 2020, but due to recent events and restrictions this show has been cancelled for 2020.

Professional League Rising Phoenix Women’s Bodybuilding World Championship – New venue and new date: December 5 2020, Westgate resort, Las Vegas.

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We are very sad to announce that the 2020 NPC Bev Francis Atlantic States Championships will not take place on August 1. We are working very hard to reschedule this event and seeking out alternate venues that might allow us to run this event in early September. We worked tireless to find a way to pull this off on August 1, but the current regulations will not allow for a safe and successful contest. Our deepest apologies go out to all of the athletes that have been working hard for this event despite the tremendous challenges of the last few months. It was with you in mind that we so passionately tried to keep this contest alive and it is for you that we will keep working to get this season started as soon as possible. As soon as we can secure a new date and location we will announce here on IG and our website

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