Official Competitors List: 2018 IFBB European Championships.

With over 1000 athletes making the trip to the bodybuilding capital of Europe (or we can say the world) Santa Susanna, Barcelona Spain, the next four days (3-6 May 2018) are set to be a spectacle for one of the biggest sporting events in the world for one discipline, bodybuilding and fitness.

As teams from all over Europe made their trip to Santa Susanna, IFBB President Rafael Santonja, his wife Nieves and the IFBB delegates welcomed them with open arms.

All athletes were immediately made to feel comfortable and it showed with the great friendship between countries from all over Europe. The battle may be on the stage, but off the stage the bond between athletes and delegates is very strong.

Some of the best athletes in Europe will be taking to the stage on Thursday, immediately after the 2018 EBFF Congress. The congress is a very important event during the European Championships, decisions and new announcements will be made that will affect the sport for the coming years.

The IFBB is showing its strength and is continuing to grow with the best amateur and IFBB Elite Pro events in the world.

Some of the best photographers (websites) in the sport of bodybuilding and fitness made the trip to Barcelona. We will be sharing photos from,, Fitness & Mass, Raymond Cassar and others during the weekend. Evolution of will be in the mix publishing photos as well, but Evolution of takes pride is promoting the great work of our colleagues from related sites.


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Below are the official competitors list for the 2018 European Championships.

Download the list in PDF Format – CLICK HERE