OFFICIAL RESULTS: Nathan DeAsha wins the 2018 New York Pro.

UK’s Nathan DeAsha took home the top prize at the 2018 New York Pro.

It was a very close battle with Juan Morel where the prize could of went either way.

Nathan had more size but Juan had the better mid-section.

Justin Rodriguez finished third while Jonathan Dela Rosa took fourth place.

Dela Rosa had some fantastic size, but he just did not bring the condition as he has a habit of doing.

In the 212 class, Shaun Clarida edged past Canada’s Zane Watson to win.

To many, Zane Watson looked like the clear winner with his crazy condition. Ahmad Elsadany took the third spot.

The big story of the evening was the last minute change from open class to the classic physique category by Canada’s Regan Grimes.

Months before the show, Regan did say he was going to compete as a classic physique competitor, but for some reason he was registered as a open class competitor for the New York Pro.

Not only did Regan switch categories but he ended up winning the class with Divine Wilson placing second. Another blow to Wilson as he would have easily won the class if Regan did not enter. This coming just weeks after Divine Wilson walking off the stage after he placed second at the Pittsburgh Pro.

Third place went to David Hoffmann.

The rest of the results are as follows:

Men’s Physique:
1. Raymond Edmonds
2. Akeem Scott
3. Suraqah Shabazz

1. Maria Baeza Diaz
2. Jessica Reyes Padilla
3. Andrea Pollard
4. Deepika Chowdhury
5. Amie Adcock

1. Romina Basualdo
2. Darah Diaz
3. Frida Paulsen Stern
4. Sheena Jayne Martin
5. Kim Gutierrez

Photos: @vipersportsphotography