Battle for Olympia qualification heads to Spain.

The next big battle for the precious Mr. Olympia qualification heads to Spain this weekend.

The 2019 Bigman Weekend will be taking place in Benidorm Spain at the Benidorm Palace.

Bodybuilding Pro and Bikini Pro will be the highlight of the evening.

8 NPC/Pro League cards will be available for the top winners in the amateur competitions.

The top show of the weekend will definitely be the Bodybuilding open class competition. The winner will earn automatic qualification to the 2019 Mr. Olympia.

Our pick for the weekend is going to be the gentle giant from the land down under, Josh Lenartowicz.

It looks as Josh has made the right adjustments from his last competition at the Arnold Classic.

Saying that Josh Lenartowicz is a favorite to win the show does not mean it will be a easy task.

Athletes such as Essa Obaid and Akim Williams are also hungry for victory.

These three guys back some amazing size and as well know how to arrive on stage in the best possible condition.

Many new athletes will be competing in a line-up of 12 athletes.